We all want to live, work, play in and visit a cleaner, greener Malta.


So let's go greener together by Making Malta Green and Clean,

89.7 Bay's new campaign for 2018.

What it’s all about


Making Malta Green and Clean will encourage people to love where they live - and to take pride in their street, town or village by keeping it clean and tidy to help boost Malta's tourism product.


The multi-media campaign will be heavily promoted on both radio and online - urging residents, community groups, schools and businesses take action to make their neighbourhoods a cleaner and greener place to live and visit.


Research shows that tackling environmental crime such as street litter, flytipping, dog fouling and graffiti is not just about enforcement. We also need to encourage and educate everyone to do the right thing and 'do their bit' to make Malta cleaner, safer and greener.


Happy tourists make for a happy Malta.


And we know that it’s often the simplest things that make tourists happy. Give them a clean beach, tidy streets and a sunny day, and they’ll remember their Maltese holiday forever and tell their friends how beautiful Malta is.