We all want to live, work, play in and visit a cleaner, greener Malta.


So let's go greener together by Making Malta Green and Clean,

89.7 Bay's new campaign for 2018.

89.7 Bay's Great Malta Spring Clean


We’ll be encouraging 89.7 Bay listeners to take the pledge, to pick up one piece of rubbish per day a week. Roadside litter is the leading type of litter found in Malta and hugely detrimental to our environment. Cutting litter requires everybody to be involved; your local council, waste contractors, shops, bars, businesses, residents and tourists, all have a role to play.


That’s why we all need to work together to tackle litter.


Dog fouling

Dog mess is an emotive issue and one of the most unacceptable and offensive type of litter on our streets. Research shows dog fouling is the issue the Maltese public are most concerned about. By changing behaviours and creating solutions some local councils in Malta and Gozo have already helped reduce dog-fouling by up to 90%, helping people feel proud of where they live.


Smoking litter

Cigarette butts are a unique type of litter - small, smelly, on fire and sadly commonplace on the ground. Even smokers don’t like them much, and together these little butts add up to a problem.


Chewing gum litter

Chewing gum is a particularly sticky issue in Malta. Gum makes our streets look grubby and uncared for, and is even worse when it sticks to our clothes and shoes. Each piece of gum costs 20c to remove from our streets, or more than the gum costs in the first place. With hundreds of Maltese streets stained with gum, these clean-up costs could be better spent elsewhere.